St. Andrew's Pipes & Drums of Tampa Bay

Files Available to the General Public

This is an unlisted page for use by the general public to access some of our files and information not stored on the band's main page, . It has many of the band's core tunes and other files placed here on an as-needed basis.

Our Main Tunes

These are tunes played often by SAP&D. You can download the PDF for printing, and the first listed MP3 file is audio played slowly on a practice chanter, the second includes a drum track as a metronome.

          Name of tune Score Audio  With Drums
Set # 1
Scotland the Brave PDF MP3 MP3-D
The Blue Bells of Scotland PDF MP3
The Rowan Tree PDF MP3 MP3-D
Murdo's Wedding PDF MP3
Set # 2
Wings PDF MP3 MP3-D
Col. Forbes of Corse PDF MP3 MP3-D
Flett from Flotta PDF MP3
Set # 5
Bonnie Galloway PDF MP3 MP3-D
The Badge of Scotland PDF MP3
Miss Kirkwood PDF MP3
The Heroes of Kohima PDF MP3 MP3-D
The Green Hills Set
The Green Hills of Tyrol PDF MP3 MP3-D
When the Battle's O'er PDF MP3
Colin's Cattle PDF MP3
The Irish Set PDF MP3
Minstrel Boy, Wearing of the Green,
Boys from County Cork
Bonnie Dundee / Garryowen PDF MP3
Bonnie Dundee PDF MP3 MP3-D
Garryowen PDF MP3
Going Home / Skye Boat
Going Home PDF MP3 MP3-D
The Skye Boat Song PDF MP3 MP3-D
The Teribus Set PDF MP3
Teribus PDF MP3
High Road PDF MP3 MP3-D
Mairi's Wedding PDF MP3 MP3-D
The Farewell Set
Auld Lang Syne PDF MP3
Bonnie Charlie
    (Will Ye No Come Back Again) PDF MP3 MP3-D
Johnnie Scobie
    (We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa' ) PDF MP3 MP3-D
Highland Cathedral PDF MP3
Amazing Grace PDF MP3 MP3-D
The Flower of Scotland PDF MP3
Other Tunes of Interest
Ode to Joy PDF MP3 MP3-D
Mist Covered Mountains PDF MP3 MP3-D
Orange and Blue PDF MP3 MP3-D
Steam Train to Mallaig
      A concert piece for 3 or more pipers
      playing 3 parts
All parts, for reference (audio is 48 bpm) PDF MP3
All parts (72 bpm with repeated part)   MP3
Pipers 1 and 2 (68 bpm with slow intro) PDF MP3
Piper 3, 48 bpm PDF MP3
Piper 4, 48 bpm PDF MP3
Complete list of the band's performance tunes: PDF

Bagpipe Software

There are 2 popular apps used by the piping community for writing, printing, and listening to pipe music. The industry standard is still an old PC app called Bagpipe Player ("BWW") or Bagpipe Music Writer, especially for exchanging music. It is free now, but requires a tricky installation on newer Windows PCs.

The latest app which works on both PC and Apple platforms is called CelticPipes ("CEP"). This app can import the BWW format, and is the SAP&D preferred app.


CelticPipes scoring and playback app has features more flexible than BWW in many ways - playback, overall pitch, printing (especially size and weight of the notes and staff). You can also compose and play back drum scores with or without the pipe tune, and print and play back multiple harmonies (seconds, thirds, etc.), even the 4 parts of Steam Train. The printed scores have a more professional appearance than the BWW scores, and the controls and menus are easier. It is available for both Windows 10 and Mac. It's currently £ 59 ($80 US as of Jan 2021). You can download and install it yourself, or ask your teenager.

CEP Screen Display

CEP screen
Bagpipe Player

This is one of the early entries in bagpipe software for composing, playing, and printing scores. It was "made available FREE in the spirit of exchanging musical ideas amongst bagpipers" after a dispute between the two developers a few DECADES ago. Many of us consider the app as good as more current apps such CelticPipes. It uses letter and number codes for the notes, such as B_4 for a quarter note B. So there is typing involved, but you learn it quickly. You will get most of your tunes from online sources, so there won't be much keyboarding, just tweaking things a little. You can still purchase an up-to-date version, now called Bagpipe Music Writer Gold, maintained by the other partner in the original team, Robert MacNeil.

BWW Screen Display


The original Bagpipe Player was created for Windows XP, and since there have been no updates to it since the year 2000, it needs to be installed in your Documents folder, not the main Program Files nor Program Files (x86), and configured to run in the "XP compatibility mode" on a Windows 7, 8, or 10 machine. It works on 64 bit computers updated through at least April, 2021.

Download the ZIP file, unzip to to Documents\Program Files\BagpipePlayer on your PC (the folders will be created). Then open and read the instructions, Bagpipe Player Installation Win 7-8-10.docx

Click to download:    Bagpipe Player

ZIP files can be opened in all recent versions of Windows. Choose the "Extract all" from the menu, and change the destination to:
Documents\Program Files\Bagpipe Player
Then complete the instructions carefully. It won't work correctly if you make any mistakes. If you run into trouble, your best bet is to delete the entire Bagpipe Player folder and reinstall from the ZIP file. The most common error I hear about is forgetting to install the fonts, required to display the notes.

Sample music files

Here are some Bagpipe Player music files to get you started.

Scotland the Brave
Highland Laddie
Amazing Grace